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Higher Heights Launches Revamped #BLACKWOMENVOTE Campaign Website

The nation's only organization dedicated to providing Black women with a political home is gearing up for midterms by re-launching their #BlackWomenVote campaign website to provide resources and mobilize voters across the country.

Higher Heights Leadership Fund is relaunching their #BlackWomenVote campaign website to equip Black women with the tools and resources necessary for establishing a voting plan and mobilizing their communities to show up at the ballot box come November. Black women are amongst the most active voting bloc in our electoral system, despite enduring disproportionate impacts of voter suppression and systematic disenfranchisement.

Glynda Carr, President and CEO of Higher Heights Leadership Fund, released the following statement to mark the #BlackWomenVote Campaign website relaunch and reinforce the need for voter participation:

Exercising one’s power to vote is at the heart of American democracy. For more than a decade, Higher Heights has worked relentlessly to ensure that Black women make their voices heard on issues that directly affect them and their communities. In the 2020 election, our #BlackWomenVote campaign served as a mobilizing force in generating voter turnout, helping to drive the 63% of Black women who turned out to vote. We’ve proven ourselves as the most active voting bloc in our electoral system time and again, and this election cycle will be no different.

“This website provides a trusted and safe space for Black women to share their voting experiences and access the information and resources needed to come prepared to cast their ballot. As lawmakers continue to push voter suppression agenda, our #BlackWomenVote platform is a crucial tool for civically engaged Black women this election season. Heading into midterms, Higher Heights is focused on providing Black women with the resources to engage, and mobilize their networks - bringing their families, friends, sorority sisters, and church members to the polls - demonstrating our collective power for equitable change in America.”

Higher Heights believes that Black women are the most powerful when they move together. Since the 2020 elections, their #BlackWomenVote campaign has guided Black women on how to raise their voice, cast their votes, and harness the collective power that they hold. 


About #BlackWomenVote:

#BlackWomenVote, a nonpartisan voter-activism campaign powered by Higher Heights Leadership Fund is the leading, independent and trusted voice for Black women leading up to 2022 and beyond.

#BlackWomenVote provides the latest election news, commentary and tools for Black women to prepare to vote, and get out the vote within their social networks. We are reaching Black women all across the country to activate their networks and giving them the tools to raise their voice, cast their vote and flex our collective voting power.

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About Higher Heights: 

Higher Heights is the leading national organization exclusively dedicated to advancing Black women’s political power by ensuring they have the tools to engage, advocate and lead in their personal and professional communities. Higher Heights Leadership Fund, a 501(c)(3), is building political power and leadership of Black women all the way from the ballot box to elected office. 

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