Meet #BlackWomenVote

Black women are the most powerful when they move together. #BlackWomenVote is mobilizing Black women all across the country to activate their networks and giving them the tools to raise their voice, cast their vote and flex our collective voting power. Powered by Higher Heights, #BlackWomenVote is the leading independent and trusted voice for Black women leading up to and beyond Election Day 2020.

Truth Teller Series

Patrisse Cullors

Feminista Jones

Andrea Jenkins

Angela Rye

Brittany Packnett

Ain’t I A Woman?

Meet #BlackWomenVote

The #BlackWomenVote Campaign, a project of Higher Heights seeks to be the leading independent and trusted voice for and by Black women designed to empower Black women to use their voices, votes and organizing skills to mobilize Black women to vote and elevate Black women’s voices in the national debate leading up to Election Day.

Black women sounding off about the election

Hear from some Black women sounding off about the election. Did you know that Black women’s participation in the last two Presidential elections transcended just showing up at the polls and voting? A closer look at our involvement reveals that voting was just the beginning.

Meet More Voices of #BlackWomenVote

What Are You Voting For?

The #BlackWomenVote campaign, powered by Higher Heights for America asked the women of battleground state, Ohio, what it was most important for them to vote for this election season.