Join Black Women from across the country for a powerful night.

Higher Heights is hosting a National Night of Sister to Sister Salon Conversations on Tuesday, October 16th, leading into the midterm elections.

We are recruiting Black women to host #BlackWomenVote #TruthTellers Sister to Sister Salon Conversations across the country and we need your engagement.

During the National Night of #BlackWomenVote #TruthTellers Sister to Sister Salon Conversations Black women will participate in interactive conversations to explore the issues that they care about, encourage them to vote and provide concrete information to help them do so. These salons, being held simultaneously all across the country, will be connected by phone and by webinar technology to hear from the Co-Founders of Higher Heights and other special guests to frame the conversation for the evening and spark conversation.

Can we count you in? Sign up to be a host today and help Higher Heights make sure Black women’s voices, votes and leadership matter. Please fill out the form and our team will follow up with you to get you started.

Step 1 – Get Started – Sign Up to Host a Salon

Step 2 – Get the Toolkit

To help organize and support community building across salons we are using, a platform that allows hosts to invite guests to their salon through social media and email as well as message to them easily before and after the salon as well as provide a uniform way for us to collect and track the number of participants in all of the salons.

Step 3 – Join Mixr

Join MixR and be connected to other salon hosts and receive important information an tips from Higher Heights staff all in one place

Step 4 – Organize Your Salon

Start your salon Mixr.  Invite your network to your salon through MixR and send messages, share information and keep them plugged into the #BlackWomenVote effort before, during and after your salon.


Whats Next?

The members of your Mixr can suggest other voter mobilization and get out the vote efforts for people to participate in.  Help deepen the civic engagement of your guests by sharing opportunities to engage before Election Day 2018 and beyond.

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