01 Nov 2016

My first political act was joining my mom as a flank in the brigade of baby strollers picketing and chanting by the local middle school to put in a traffic light on the corner of a four- lane avenue that ran right in front of the entrance. All I know is that the light got put in and it remains to this day 45 years later helping to keep kids safer as they cross the street.

It was in that moment, as a young child, that I internalized political power and its effect. Governments are made up of human beings with a perspective and agenda and it is up to us as individual women citizens to assert our voices to shape their actions and improve our outcomes. There is a lot you can do to influence politics even before you are of legal voting age. As a reminder, if you are not at the table you are likely on the menu.

Pamela Pickens
Digital Entrepreneur

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