31 Oct 2016

Black women have a voice “others” have been trying to suppress for centuries. Whether we’re considered “angry” or “outspoken” it doesn’t matter, our voices will be heard. We’ll use the right to vote that our gender didn’t receive until 1920 and our skin color didn’t (really) receive until 1965. We’re influential like Michelle Obama (please run for Senate!) and in some cases loud, proud and wrong like “Rhinestone and Polyester” (they suck).

We can do everything from shape social media and bring attention to an issue like April Reign (#OscarSoWhite) or simply eye roll a nonsense talking head with a Beyonce lyric like Angela Rye (Boy, bye).

We change games and elections and we’re getting more powerful each day. Personally, I’m Black first (Obama all day) and female second (#ImwithHer …now). And if you don’t think we change elections, just ask Mama Oprah who she’s endorsing!

Joyelle Nicole Johnson
Lady Parts Justice

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