01 Aug 2016

For too long, Black women have delivered Democratic and progressive victories at both the state and national level, only to find our collective voting power ignored during post-election analyses. Victories that belong to Black women are diluted and become victories for all women. (Even though the majority of white women are Republican voters.) And for too long, the promises that political candidates make to us during election season are forgotten the day after Election Day. But over the past 8 years—since we had the highest voter turnout rate in 2008 and 2012—our electoral power has become such a force that candidates and party institutions can no longer ignore us. For example, candidates were forced to address Black Lives Matter, a movement spearheaded by Black women, because the candidates couldn’t afford not to. And there more Black women working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign than any other presidential campaign in history. By voting, Black women are making our voices and presence heard and changing the country for the better.

Imani Gandy
Senior Legal Analyst at Rewire and co-host of This Week in Blackness Prime

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  1. We as black women need to be concerned about the disparities and maltreatment black women receive in Perinatal services. Black women and black infants are more than 2 to 6 times more likely to die during child birth. Black infants are more than twice as likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) than white infants. This is a domestic assault and a health injustice to us as women and our families.
    We as black women need more direct services with people that look like us to work in Perinatal services. I have made this one of my goals since 2012 using my not for profit, Gifted Hands – Talented Minds. I am a doula, breastfeeding peer counselor, childbirth educator, and contraceptive peer counselor. We need all black women to help stand for this injustice because this is where it all starts, procreation, childbirth, postpartum care, and parenting.

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