01 Nov 2016

The black women vote for this election is important because we have to make sure that we continue the fight of all our African-American sisters who have paved the way for us in the past, like Shirley Chisholm. There was a time when women of any color were not allowed to vote and didn’t have a voice. We didn’t have a way to speak up and were expected to just do what we were told to do.

It is important for black sisters to vote to speak up against injustice in classist, racist, and male-driven world we live in. I’m voting as a woman of color because I’m more then just a pretty smile with nice skin. I am a mother, a niece, a wife, and an advocate but most of all, I cannot be silenced because of my zip code or the texture of my hair.

Tianna Gaines-Turner
Member, Witnesses to Hunger
Anti-Poverty Activist

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