01 Nov 2016

The activism of Black women is the harbinger of social and civil evolution. We’ve long been revolutionaries, organizers, agitators, and, most recently, entrepreneurs. Since 2008 we’ve also controlled election outcomes by voting in higher numbers than any other demographic. Those who don’t believe Black Lives Matter would love us to sit this election out; they’re banking on our disinterest in a ticket that doesn’t include Obama. But apathy isn’t our birthright–we want to get free.

I don’t generally trust the electoral process; I can’t not question a system that was built to further our oppression. But I definitely exercise my right to vote. Black women have proven strategic about using the system to our advantage. We tend to be leaders, but even when we “follow” we’re in formation. Voting alone won’t dismantle systemic racism, sexism, economic disparity, homophobia, or transphobia, but we can use our power in this arena as a Trojan horse. Check the technique.

Sarah Huny Young
Creative Director. Artist

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