01 Nov 2016

Ever since Shirley Chisholm’s presidential run inspired a new generation of Black women in 1972, we have been heading to the polls with our sisters, our children, and our communities to change the course of elections throughout the United States. Of course the power of The Black female vote was fully recognized in 2008 and again in 2012 as Black women successfully delivered the White House to Barack Obama and several Democratic candidates down the ballot. In so many ways Black women understand the power of their vote and the effect it has on their children’s lives, their reproductive rights, and larger civil and human rights for all.

In the 1950s’ and 60’s we diligently supported the voting rights efforts of civil rights leaders by marching, protesting, fundraising, and a myriad of grassroots efforts. Today, more than fifty years later, Black women lead the charge in organizing, communicating the necessity to vote, and providing crucial get out the vote efforts for local, state, and national elections. We are the change we have been looking for and that is why Black women have lead, continue to lead, and are solidifying the foundation for our leadership not just on the sidelines but in elected office as well.

Christina Greer, Ph. D
Political Scientist, Associate Professor at Fordham University

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