01 Nov 2016

Eight years ago I went with my mother to vote for the first African American President. The Obama family has filled me with pride since that day. As I cast my first vote for President, I reflect on those activists who have fought for me to have this right. I think about Fannie Lou Hamer and I look at Congressman John Lewis and I appreciate all that they and so many others have done. I am horrified by those who don’t bother to vote. In this election in particular, Black women must stand up and vote to show our power. We don’t want to go backwards, where one presidential candidate would have people of color and women and anyone not like him go. As a young black woman in college, I want to follow the strong Black women I see every day. I want to see more Black women in elected office. Maybe I can vote for the first Black woman President in my lifetime. I’d also like to see a Black woman on the Supreme Court, as governor, and in all offices. We are movers and shakers, we get things done and if we use our power and vote, everyone will have to recognize!

Parris S. Lloyd
Public Health Student, George Washington University, Class of 2018

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