01 Nov 2016

We have heard repeatedly that “there is so much at stake in this election.” We have heard it so often that it has lost much of its impact, but the stark reality is that this is a pivotal election for the future and soul of our country and the power of our vote matters. But, it does not just matter at the presidential level. We must harness our strength at the local level. Most of the issues facing our communities are the direct result of state and local policies. From criminal justice reform to education, we need to vote for change locally and hold those elected accountable. We must also recognize our immense political influence and fight to ensure that our communities derive measurable benefits from our votes. Lastly, we need to run for elected office and be the change that we wish to see.

Tara Dowdell
Founder & President, Tara Dowdell Group & TDG Speakers

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