Our Voices

You don’t have to wonder what is one the minds of Black women when it comes to using the power of the vote to impact and uplift our community. Our voices is the collective community of Black women voters providing perspective on our unique power to influence this election and beyond.

It’s Our Season – Black Women Will Speak at the Polls on November 8

By Jerrilyn Goodwater Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads, “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Living in New England, we are familiar with the four different seasons; winter, spring, summer & fall. These seasons are marked by specific weather conditions, temperatures and length of the days. We have… Read More »

Black Women Catchin’ Hell – Why This Election Matters

By L. Toni Lewis I see you. How are you? I mean really…how are you? Because you know, it’s tough out here. Traumatic. As we roll up on less than three weeks until the 2016 Presidential Election (aka the battle for the soul of our nation) it’s got me thinking about US — how we… Read More »

My Fellow Millenials, You Might Be Disgusted By This Election, But There’s Something You Can Do

By Jade Goins There are five-hundred thousand elected offices in the United States. from school board, local government, fifty Gubernatorial slots, all the way up to the President of The United States of America. Across the country a staggering ,meager twenty-two percent of these offices are held by women.  As a woman, a U.S. citizen,… Read More »

Black Girl Magic: The Power of Black Women in Elections

By Carmen Berkley The AFL-CIO recently released new data revealing Black women voters are a key demographic to electing the president in November. The data reveals that Black women turn out to vote in higher numbers than any other group of women. In fact, over 90 percent of Black women voted for President Obama in… Read More »

Our Vote is Our Voice

By Jamia Wilson In spite of arduous barriers to voting access and free expression, our foremothers understood that our vote is our voice. To that end, it’s up to us to honor their hard-fought battle for the franchise by raising our voices to organize before and on Election Day. African American women voted at greater… Read More »