Our Voices

You don’t have to wonder what is one the minds of Black women when it comes to using the power of the vote to impact and uplift our community. Our voices is the collective community of Black women voters providing perspective on our unique power to influence this election and beyond.

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Kim Williams

Black women are in a very powerful political position. Unfortunately, many black women are heavily impacted by social injustices that affect their households and communities such as losing husbands and children to the hands of law enforcement. The emotional burden of this national crisis is felt among every single Black woman in the United States.… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Sarah Huny Young

The activism of Black women is the harbinger of social and civil evolution. We’ve long been revolutionaries, organizers, agitators, and, most recently, entrepreneurs. Since 2008 we’ve also controlled election outcomes by voting in higher numbers than any other demographic. Those who don’t believe Black Lives Matter would love us to sit this election out; they’re… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Christina Greer, Ph. D

Ever since Shirley Chisholm’s presidential run inspired a new generation of Black women in 1972, we have been heading to the polls with our sisters, our children, and our communities to change the course of elections throughout the United States. Of course the power of The Black female vote was fully recognized in 2008 and… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Parris Lloyd

Eight years ago I went with my mother to vote for the first African American President. The Obama family has filled me with pride since that day. As I cast my first vote for President, I reflect on those activists who have fought for me to have this right. I think about Fannie Lou Hamer… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Nicole Moore

For the longest time I kept forgetting who won the right to vote first, women or Black people. It finally occurred to me that whichever way you slice or dice the chronology of voting rights, Black women, being both disenfranchised by race and gender, would always end up being the last to have the right… Read More »