Here is where the power build begins! Use the tools located here to organize and activate the women you know and love locally. There are numerous ways to get your friends, family and Black women everywhere engaged this election cycle. Use our sample texts, emails or even throw a #BlackWomenVote Sunday Brunch.

Create Your Power of 10

Sample Texts & Emails

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Activate Your Online Network

Make Sister to Sister Calls

Create Your Power of 10

You have a great network, so don’t head to the polls alone. Now that you have made your plan to vote, make a plan to get at least 10 additional people to the voting booth. You have the power to move your household, your neighbors, family, and friends to the polls. Open up your phone and look at your contacts list, view your Facebook friends, and pull out your sorority’s phone list and identify at least 10 people you will encourage to vote on Election Day.

Activate Your Online Network

Follow the campaign’s ongoing conversation using the hashtag #BlackWomenVote and share the discussion posts and images to engage your network.

Here are a Few Sample Posts

  • Who says Black women aren’t into #politics? Black women have turned out in the last two presidential elections at a rate greater than all other groups. #BlackWomenVote
  • They are expecting us to stay home on Election Day. Let’s make our voice heard and prove them wrong!
  • Will you join me at the polls on Tuesday, November 6th? #BlackWomenVote
  • Won’t you join me and make your vote pledge and vote plan at #BlackWomenVote
  • I am joining@HigherHeights4 to turn out the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6th. #BlackWomenVote
  • Black women are a voting force to be reckoned with! #BlackWomenVote
  • It’s Election Day. I voted, have you? #BlackWomenVote
Sample Texts & Emails



Election Day is just days away and it’s important that we show up to the polls. Many are expecting us to stay home. In fact, only 37 percent of African Americans show up to the polls for midterm elections.

This year, I made a pledge through Higher Heights to help mobilize more Black women to the polls and I hope you will join me and VOTE on Tuesday, November 6th.

Do you need help finding your polling site? Have you made your vote plan? You can make your vote plan online and join the campaign to mobilize Black women to the polls at

Together we can make a difference in our community beginning with our vote. Join me and millions across the country who will show up and make their voices heard on Election Day



I just wanted to send you a quick reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday November 6th is Election Day. The polls will be open from _____ a.m. until ____p.m.

Go to to find your polling site. Don’t let the day go by without making your voice heard.

I hope you will join me at the polls.

Make Sister-to-Sister Calls

Did you know that making one-on-one phone calls to remind people to vote on Election Day is an effective way to increase voter turnout.

#BlackWomenVote has a sample phone script to make the call, encouraging all sistas (and those who love us) to show up to the polls!


This is (YOUR NAME). Do you have a minute to talk about Black women and the power of our vote?

In the last two elections, Black women showed up and showed out, voting in greater numbers than any other racial group. As you well know the stakes are way too high for us to stay at home.

Higher Heights and #BlackWomenVote are working to mobilize more Black women than ever to the polls. Will you join me in voting on Election Day—Tuesday, November 6th?



GREAT. I knew I could count on you. I’m excited you will be joining me and millions of Black women across the country who will show up and show out at the voting booth on Election Day.

If you have access to internet I highly recommend you create your own vote plan and find other ways to activate your voter network by visiting




OK, what information do you need to change your mind? (Use the additional resources page to help them find their poll site, required ID information, or use the “Power of Our Vote” on page 6.)

Thanks again for your pledge to vote.

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