Our Voices

You don’t have to wonder what is one the minds of Black women when it comes to using the power of the vote to impact and uplift our community. Our voices is the collective community of Black women voters providing perspective on our unique power to influence this election and beyond.

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Joyelle Nicole Johnson

Black women have a voice “others” have been trying to suppress for centuries. Whether we’re considered “angry” or “outspoken” it doesn’t matter, our voices will be heard. We’ll use the right to vote that our gender didn’t receive until 1920 and our skin color didn’t (really) receive until 1965. We’re influential like Michelle Obama (please… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Teri Washington

One of the interesting things about this election is that I haven’t heard any of the candidates talk to Black women in terms of our strength and our power. I have heard generalizations in terms of our grief and our struggle, but not to our resilience and our ability to create. This is unfortunate, because… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Feminista Jones

As people who were once doubly disenfranchised from voting by being both Black and women, I think we exhibit a unique commitment to voting as citizens. We are invested in women’s equality, Black liberation, our childrens’ educations, and economic prosperity for our diverse communities. Candidates who listen to us and outline clear plans to address… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Karen Hunter

I vote because my grandmother, Julia Sweeper, couldn’t. She was born in the 1920’s in Augusta, Georgia, where her second-class citizenship I vote because millions of Americans—the Goodmans, the Schwerners, the Cheneys—died so that I can do so freely. was on full display. I will never dishonor their works, their legacy or their lives. I… Read More »

It’s Our Season – Black Women Will Speak at the Polls on November 8

By Jerrilyn Goodwater Ecclesiastes 3:1 reads, “to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Living in New England, we are familiar with the four different seasons; winter, spring, summer & fall. These seasons are marked by specific weather conditions, temperatures and length of the days. We have… Read More »