Our Voices

You don’t have to wonder what is one the minds of Black women when it comes to using the power of the vote to impact and uplift our community. Our voices is the collective community of Black women voters providing perspective on our unique power to influence this election and beyond.

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Cherrell Brown

I understand the frustration folk’s have with the political system. Far too long we’ve deferred to a two party system that has use Black lives as political fodder at best, and has exploited and marginalized us since it’s inception. I think our voting power is most realized in the local elections. We have, and can… Read More »

#BlackWomenVote Influencer: Imani Gandy

For too long, Black women have delivered Democratic and progressive victories at both the state and national level, only to find our collective voting power ignored during post-election analyses. Victories that belong to Black women are diluted and become victories for all women. (Even though the majority of white women are Republican voters.) And for… Read More »